§1) Preface

Grepolis ("the game") is an online cross-platform game developed and distributed by InnoGames GmbH ("InnoGames"). The game can be used by you as a User ("player") via computers, mobile devices, consoles, access points to the Internet, virtual or real networks ("means of connections") and can be played under certain game rules ("the rules") to ensure a fair game play experience for all players. As a player of Grepolis, you may register an account allowing you to access multiple game servers ("game worlds"). The rules are defined by InnoGames and applied by the support and moderation team of InnoGames ("the team"). By registering an account on the game, you are committed to follow the rules. The team will ensure that the terms of the rules are met by warnings and punishments ("bans"). A player that has bought gold will be subjected to the same rules and bans as all other players.

§2) Account Usage

Each player can play, in each world, with only one account. Players are not allowed to use other players' accounts.

An account can be gifted to another person only with the written consent of the team that can deny this change. Once this is accepted it is no longer possible to revert. It is forbidden to use an account for financial gain.

As the game is localized in several versions, players shall always use the language English in this version, this applies, but is not limited to messages, player profiles and such.

Advertising of any kind is not allowed, this includes using any means to mass deliver messages.

  • it is allowed for two players to use the same means of connection, provided each player only controls the actions of his/her assigned account.
  • every player sharing a means of connection must abide by rule §3.
  • it is forbidden to play for another player, even if he/she is temporarily gone.
  • it is forbidden to log into the accounts of other players.

§3) Sharing Means of Connection

Players, knowingly, sharing an Internet connection and/or a device and operating accounts on the same world must declare a shared connection (this is done on the game settings).

It is not permitted for players sharing a means of connection to interact with each other within the game (be it, but not limited to attacking, supporting, spell casting, trading).

Players sharing a means of connection cannot interact with the same third party (be it, but not limited to attacking, supporting, spell casting, trading) after at least 48 hours has passed between the actions.

  • trading via market offers.
  • sending resources to world wonders.

§4) Code of Conduct

Players are expected to treat other players with respect and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner while playing the game.

The game is intended for all people above 16 years old, hence all type of behavior and/or content such as, but not limited to profanity, pornography, extreme politics, xenophobia, unlawful behavior and substances are prohibited.


It is allowed:
  • to call a player a noob (novice) and similar respectful taunts.
  • to blackmail another player for resources, but not for gold or other premium items.
It is forbidden:
  • to violate or harm other players physically or mentally.
  • to name your alliance with offensive or inappropriate terms.
  • to glorify terrorist acts or persons.
  • to insult players via the in-game communication system.
  • to post chain letters or spam mail.
  • to post advertisement links and referrer-links.
  • to discriminate against players based on, but not limited to their origins, race, religion, creed, sex, disability, age or any relevant category.

§5) Buying and Trades

It is not allowed to buy, sell, trade or gift accounts or its parts outside the game features.


It is allowed:
  • to trade resources for gold via the in-game market.
  • to trade resources for resources via the in-game market.
It is forbidden:
  • to negotiate with other players parts of the account for gold or resources such as, but not limited to troops, cities and others.
  • to offer or acquire services (protection, attacks, and such) or benefits from other players in exchange for gold.

§6) Bugs

The game is not a final product and is in constant development and improvement, as such it is expected that errors may be encountered. Using bugs and/or exploits to your advantage or gain is forbidden. If a bug is encountered it should be reported to the team.

§7) Bots, Scripts, Macros and Proxies

The game is intended to be played on "normal" browsers without the use of automated processes. Players can make use of scripts that have been published in the specific forum area and respectively allowed by the team. Until a script has been approved publicly by the team it is considered as illegal and it’s not allowed to use it.

The use of proxies and other ways of concealing the connection between player and servers is forbidden, nevertheless players in special cases may apply for an exemption.

§8) Account Deletion

The accounts can be deleted in different cases (see the examples below) either automatically or, alternatively the player also can request the account deletion. Automatic deletion will NOT occur as long as there are active premium options running. Once the account has been removed, it is not possible to recover it.

  • 30 days of inactivity (being on vacation mode is not considered as inactivity).
  • permanently banned accounts.

§9) Fair-play

Grepolis is a competitive game, and the team are the referees. All disputes about rules breaches and ambiguous cases are the responsibility of the team and all the decisions are final.

§10) Miscellaneous

When deemed necessary, InnoGames might change parts or the sum (including delete, or edit) of accounts, worlds, configurations, and other aspects of the game, including these rules, at any time. A change will be announced in an appropriate manner.

Version: January 2015
© (Copyright) InnoGames GmbH 2015. All rights reserved.
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